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DoctorLogic Components


DoctorLogic is a Medical Internet Software Development Company with many
different Software as a Service (SaaS) products to help medical professionals
market themselves on the internet.

For more information, visit

This plugin will function only with an active account with DoctorLogic and
access to its services.

DoctorLogic offers packages of services which may include different components.
This Plugin has access to all components, but will only work if the site has
a license to use them.

All DoctorLogic components are powered by the DoctorLogic API and back-end tools.


  • The DoctorLogic configuration screen in WordPress Admin.
  • This is how the [DoctorLogicReview] short code may look on a full-width page.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

In WordPress Admin:
1. Click Plugins
2. Click Add New
3. Search for “DoctorLogic Components”
4. Click Install Now

After Installing:
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
2. Click the Settings link from the Plugins page on the DoctorLogic Component plugin.
3. Complete configuration steps using the on-screen instructions.

Preguntas frecuentes

How do I obtain a DoctorLogic Site Key?

This value was supplied to your customer on page 1 of the DoctorLogic Software
Developer Kit (SDK). Or contact DoctorLogic from the email address or phone number
on the DoctorLogic settings screen in WordPress.

Why do no Reviews or Galleries show up when I install the short code?

The most likely cause is that your customer has not published in reviews or Galleries
yet. Contact DoctorLogic from the email address or phone number on the DoctorLogic
settings screen in WordPress if you need help.

Some hosting environments block the ability to call web-services. Make sure php.ini
has these settings:

allow_url_fopen = on
allow_url_include = On


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Registro de cambios


  • Initial release


  • Improved markup & CSS to work in more different WordPress Themes


  • Added modal popups to Review list. Improved style sheet handling.


  • Added Gallery component


  • Code tweaks for WordPress 4.3 changes


  • Improved diagnostics, convenient link to pages containing main plugins


  • White spaces causing problems in some third-party environments.


  • Fixes a problem for customers who have never used advanced styles


  • Change sort order of rating star filter


  • Fixes gallery procedure count


  • Removed unessential api output


  • Fixed accessing nulled advanced styles


  • Moved Gallery description below images. Added check to keep Gallery Blurb subheading from rendering if there is no Blurb


  • Fix support for PHP 5.3


  • Replace [DoctorLogicReviewSummary] microdata with JSON-LD


  • Render Structured Data for Reviews on all pages
  • Add setting to disable Review Structured Data


  • Disabled Structured Data for Reviews


  • Removed Structured Data setting to avoid confusion


  • Added dl__ in front of query string words to prevent conflict with taxonomies that may use the same words


  • Removed php version 5 specific updates on diagnostics page


  • small diagnostics updates


  • added query performance updates


  • bug fix on reviews


  • added paging for reviews