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Cross-Linker is a on-site SEO & “user experience”-devoted plugin that automatically links user-defined words to specified web addresses with multilingual support. The hyperlinking process works in posts, pages and comments (offered as an option). The plugin offers blogroll links import, direct linking to posts/pages, allows assigning attributes to each link, activation and deactivation of any word/language, replacement of words (strings) along with append/prepend function which can be run over posts and comments. As an addition, plugin offers in-depth settings such as management of ignored HTML tags and “divide by” strings as well as backup management.


  • Main web interface for adding and managing crosslinks
  • Settings interface with fully customisable options
  • Multilingual support for Cross-Linker
  • Example of using English language with multilingual options enabled; By default it is not necessary to add the extra tag for multilingual support
  • Example of page with links added by Cross-Linker


  1. Upload downloaded files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory the way you see the following structure there: ‘/wp-content/plugins/cross-linker/’ .
  2. If you aren’t using any of previous versions yet, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. If you’ve already been using some of the previous versions, then there is no need to activate it. Deactivation is not necessary for upgrading to a newer version.

Preguntas frecuentes

Does this plugin hyperlink all words?

All words which fit specified criteria are hyperlinked. Only standalone words are hyperlinked, which means part of word is not considered suitable for linking (i.e. word ‘selfish’ will not be hyperlinked if you declared ‘self’ in hyperlinking interface) as this would be deemed inappropriate by plugin users. Characters that divide words are subjects to change by administrator.

Which MySQL tables belong to this plugin?

All tables that contain _interlinker in their name. If any other plugin creates _internlinker tables in your database then Cross-Linker may not work properly. However, this is highly unlikely a scenario. All tables are created after activation and they are NOT deleted later since version 1.2 which has been added to the plugin’s logic due to some users complaining about losing Cross-Linker-related data after deactivation.

Does this plugin overwrite existing links in posts, pages, comments?

No. This would be considered highly unacceptable.

Is it possible to tell the plugin to ignore some words or some HTML tags?

Yes. Moreover the plugin can be disabled by default (while being activated) and it can be enabled on certain pages only.

Does this plugin work with comments?

Yes. This feature must be enabled in settings.

How can I manage the plugin?

After installation and activation click “Tools->Cross-Linker” in your WordPress admin panel, or in “Plugins->Installed Plugins” see “Cross-Linker” and then click “Settings” which can be found next to “Deactivate”.

Is it possible to delete words which have been cross-linked already?

Yes, of course. Since version 1.1. Bulk activation, deletion, deactivation is available as well.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

Release Date – 24 July 2020

  • Fixed array_push for links on plugins page.

Release Date – 06 Jan 2020

  • Cleanup of code.
  • Fix – One tweak in order to get rid of particular ‘PHP Notice’ messages in Apache log.

Release Date – 19 Dec 2019

  • Fix – A few tweaks in order to get rid of some ‘PHP Notice’ messages in Apache log.

Release Date – 23 Nov 2019

  • Constants are being checked for existing definition from now on
  • Fix – SQL statement for visible words was without apostrophes while data type is string

Release Date – 14 Nov 2019

  • Cosmetic changes – removal of some outdated lines of code (no longer needed since version 3)
  • Code cleanup
  • Increased font size for admin panel of Cross-Linker

Release Date – 30 Oct 2019

  • Added link to admin navigation menu in order to find Cross-Linker easily
  • Added image to link in navigation menu (as per above-line)
  • Added tested up to 5.3
  • Added few default links (which can be removed in settings menu and are present on few websites only)
  • Cleanup of obsolete conditions (that existed prior to version 3)
  • Cleanup of some functions, moved to class
  • Removed option for loading data from file (databases are better for storing data, SQL statements are fast enough since version 3)

Release Date – 10 Oct 2019

  • Added v parameter to scripts in order to avoid caching issues for blog owners
  • Added header image to plugin

Release Date – 09 Oct 2019

  • Added changelog
  • Added meta tag to understand better the websites that use this plugin