Cosmic Blocks (40+) Content Editor Blocks Collection


Cosmic Blocks is a collection of 40+ customizable content blocks for the new WordPress 5.0 gutenberg content block editor. This collection is built to easily integrate in any theme. It is packed with many unique features and design options for your site.

With the new WordPress content editor, you can create complex layouts with ease. The default editor includes standard block elements like title, paragraphs, images, galleries and more. With our Cosmic Blocks collection, you can extend the possibilities of content creation with more than 40+ new content block elements.

Cosmic Blocks


Make your website more stunning. Choose one of more than 75+ animations to display your blocks.

Background Color

Use colors, gradients and images as background to highlight your blocks. Change the block size properties to build modern websites with ease.


Disable unused blocks: Activate/Deactivate each single block as admin to restrict the use of individual blocks.

Blocks collection

Demo Videos

Cosmic Blocks in Action

Links Icon Block in Action

Brands Block in Action

Testimonial Block in Action

Greeting Block in Action

Why Cosmic Blocks

Comsic Blocks is a high quality blocks collection like the popular Atomic Blocks, Stackable Blocks, Advanced Gutenberg Blocks, Editor Blocks or CoBlocks. Our Cosmic Blocks Collection has 40+ well designed blocks. If you use our Cosmic Campaigns to get more useful blocks like events or contacts.


Integration of cosmic blocks is easy. Just go to the settings page and check the “frontend block sizes” section.


  • Plugin Settings Page
  • Accordion Block Edit Screen
  • Accordion Block Screen
  • Advantages Block Edit Screen
  • Advantages Block Screen
  • Brands Block Edit Screen
  • Brands Block Screen
  • Buttons Block Edit Screen
  • Buttons Block Screen
  • Container Block Edit Screen
  • Container Block Screen
  • Count Up Block Edit Screen
  • Count Up Block Screen
  • Countdown Block Edit Screen
  • Countdown Block Screen
  • Employee Block Edit Screen
  • Employee Block Screen
  • Employee List Block Edit Screen
  • Employee List Block Screen
  • Facts Block Edit Screen
  • Facts Block Screen
  • Greeting Block Edit Screen
  • Greeting Block Screen
  • Image Block Edit Screen
  • Image Block Screen
  • Inline Notice Block Edit Screen
  • Inline Notice Block Screen
  • Launch Block Edit Screen
  • Launch Block Screen
  • Like/Dislike Block Edit Screen
  • Like/Dislike Block Screen
  • Links Download Block Edit Screen
  • Links Download Block Screen
  • Links Icon Block Edit Screen
  • Links Icon Block Screen
  • Links Image Block Edit Screen
  • Links Image Block Screen
  • Posts List Block Edit Screen
  • Posts List Block Screen
  • Pricebox Block Edit Screen
  • Pricebox Block Screen
  • Price List Block Edit Screen
  • Price List Block Screen
  • Progress Block Edit Screen
  • Progress Block Screen
  • Separator Block Edit Screen
  • Separator Block Screen
  • Showcase Block Edit Screen
  • Showcase Block Screen
  • Social Share Block Edit Screen
  • Social Share Block Screen
  • Split List Block Edit Screen
  • Split List Block Screen
  • Statements Block Edit Screen
  • Statements Block Screen
  • Steps Block Edit Screen
  • Steps Block Screen
  • Testimonial Block Edit Screen
  • Testimonial Block Screen
  • Title & Intro Block Edit Screen
  • Title & Intro Block Screen
  • Voting Slogans Block Edit Screen
  • Voting Slogans Block Screen
  • Wanted Block Edit Screen
  • Wanted Block Screen
  • Donations Block Edit Screen
  • Donations Block Screen
  • Posts Tiles Block Edit Screen
  • Posts Tiles Block Screen


Este plugin proporciona 54 bloques.

Classifieds List
Classifieds Tiles
Contacts List
Contacts Tiles
Contacts Target Bar
Container Fancy Animated
Count Up
Date List
Dates Tiles
Employee List
Events List
Events Tiles
Events Upcoming List
Events Upcoming Tiles
Inline Notice
Links Download
Links Icons
Posts List
Posts Tiles
Price Box
Price List
Social Share
Split List
Title & Intro
Voting Slogans
Links Image
Links Image Slide
Links List


  1. Download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin within you WordPress Administration Backend

Preguntas frecuentes

If you have any questions, please ask it on the support forum.

Can I use this Plugin without Gutenberg Plugin?

No, you cannot use Cosmic Blocks Plugin without “Gutenberg” Plugin. Because “Cosmic Blocks” Plugin has Dependency with Gutenberg Plugin.

I’m Using WordPress v5.0. Do I need to Install “Gutenberg” Plugin?

No, since Gutnberg is on core with WordPress v5.0. You don’t need to Install “Gutenberg” Plugin.

How to Install this Plugin ?

Installation Process has been discussed on “Installation” Section.

How to Configure this Plugin ?

Configuration has been discussed on “Integration” Section.

How to add Cosmic Blocks?

Navigate to any post or page which you want to edit. Then click on the plus button. Scroll down or search for “Cosmic Block”. Click on that option and you will see some blocks. Just add what block you like and edit the content.

“Cosmic Blocks” installed but Not Working

First, deactive Other “Gutenberg Blocks” plugins and try again. In most cases, it’ll be conflicting issue. Try Activate/Deactivate “Cosmic Blocks” Plugin. If nothing works then post on our Support Form (link Mentioned above).

Can i customize “Cosmic Blocks”

You can use the hooks, filters and actions provided by WordPress to customize cosmic blocks hooks.

I need Custom Blocks, can you Customize or Create for me?

We don’t provide Customization Support for Free Products. But, If you need to Create one we do Offer Customization Service.


11 de diciembre de 2018
This plugin is a great extension for the new Gutenberg block editor! This blocks collection is very handy building complex websites. The blocks are well designed and very easy to handle. Especially I like the background settings and the possibility to easily add multiple blocks by a single button.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

Este software es de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han contribuido a este plugin.


Registro de cambios

  • Version 0.48
    • Remove general visual helper css from backend styles
    • Css fix for grid items
  • Version 0.46
    • Stripe php api updated
  • Version 0.45
    • Posts List: Exclude Category
    • Posts Tiles: Exclude Category
    • Style Fix for WP 5.4
  • Version 0.44
    • Style Fix for WP 5.4
  • Version 0.43
    • New thumbnail size
  • Version 0.42
    • Intro correction
    • Posts list charlength
    • Fix category select in posts and contacts list
  • Version 0.41
    • Visual select font awesome icons
    • Update style to move block items
    • Links image choose target
  • Version 0.40
    • Shortcode boxpadding, boxradius correction
    • Intro & Title padding correction
    • Get Date format from wp settings
    • Default container size to normal size instead of wide container
  • Version 0.40
    • Css enhancements
  • Version 0.38
    • Fix: Events List orderby
    • Fix: Events author
  • Version 0.37
    • New: Block Container Fancy Animated
  • Version 0.36
    • Enhancement: Minor CSS Corrections
  • Version 0.35
    • Enhancement: Option to set default padding
    • Fix: ie9 css updates
    • Fix: Posts/Events has no image full-width
  • Version 0.34
    • Fix: components color picker style update for wp 5.2
    • Enhancement: classifieds add separator
    • Enhancement: no default padding
    • Enhancement: remove no console.log
    • Enhancement: disable boxradius, boxpadding
    • New: Block links image slide
  • Version 0.33
    • Enhancement: Filter contacts by category
    • Fix: Links List full size if no image is selected
  • Version 0.32
    • Fix: Load stripe checkout only if donation block is present
    • Fix: Countdown Block empty p
  • Version 0.31
    • German Translation added
    • Multiple enhancements and fixes to all blocks
    • Enhancement: Option added to set border radius of box items
    • Enhancement: Option added to set padding of box items
    • Enhancement: Option added to enable intro section for each block
    • Enhancement: Block inspector panels rearange update
    • Fix: Remove out animations from animation panel
    • Fix: Lorem Ipsum placeholder text fix
  • Version 0.30
    • Enhancement: Auto register new blocks on update
    • Enhancement: Auto update rewrite rules
    • Enhancement: noopener fix helper
    • Fix: Rewrite rules an plugin activate
    • Fix: Do not reset plugin settings on plugin disable
    • New: Admin settings screen redesign
    • New: Admin editor block width not auto apply anymore. You will now change the backend editor block width in admin edit screen
    • New: Frontend block size not auto apply anymore. You will need to handle this in admin edit screen
    • New: Frontend entry-content style not auto apply anymore for easier integration in themes
  • Version 0.29
    • New: Block foreword
    • Fix: rel=”noopener noreferrer” added in backend
    • Fix: employee button links not working
    • Fix: employee list button links not working
    • Fix: admin script not proper loaded
  • Version 0.28
    • Enhancement: Like/Dislike Block, change item text and background color
    • Enhancement: Links Icon Block, change icon text and background color
  • Version 0.27
    • Enhancement: Enable toolbar formattingControls (like bold, italic) for all blocks
    • Enhancement: Visual highlight container block on hover
    • Enhancement: Employee List, Employee add Phone
  • Version 0.26
    • Enhancement: Option to add block id
    • Fix: DynamicRender Elements not working
    • Fix: RangeControl allowReset disabled because it is still not working proper
  • Version 0.25
    • Fix: admin style enqueue fix
  • Version 0.24
    • Fix: front style correction
    • Fix: enqueue hooks fix
  • Version 0.23
    • Fix: enqueue media for better page speed
  • Version 0.22
    • New: Block Deals
    • Enhancement: minor css corrections
    • Enhancement: Shortcode social media block
    • Fix: Dynamic Render Preview for Posts, Events, Contacts and Social Media
  • Version 0.21
    • Bugfix posts not working without cosmic campaigns
    • German translation added
  • Version 0.20
    • textdomain correction
    • admin css correction
    • admin notice correction
  • Version 0.19
    • Enhancement: Add icon color
    • Enhancement: Add option to hide pagination for posts/events/contacts
    • New: Block Progress
    • New: Block Like/Dislike
    • New: Block count up
    • New: Block greeting
    • New: Block image
  • Version 0.18
    • Fix: Editor Styles
    • Fix: Introduction failed for some blocks
    • Enhancement: Showcase add col-size
    • Fix: Gutenberg Editor CSS width
    • Fix: Pricelist CSS
  • Version 0.17
    • Enhancement: Mobile Padding to Settings page
  • Version 0.16
    • Fix: multiple style corrections
    • Fix: enqueue script by default
    • Fix: front.js stripe checkout
  • Version 0.15
    • Fix: remove empty text on settings page
    • Enhancement: activate dependency check
    • Enhancement: dependency check updated
  • Version 0.14
    • Responsive style update
    • Fix: Countdown block include
    • Fix: Countdown block error
    • Fix: Links Icon show button options only if url is present
    • Fix: Advantages show target only if url is present
    • Fix: Links Images add target with no buttons
    • Fix: Real thumbnail options
    • Fix: Statements missing has-background class
    • Fix: Links Icons title color
    • Enhancement: Add warning to price list columns
    • Enhancement: Add styles to separator
  • Version 0.13
    • Social Share correction
    • Add Block Container
    • Social Share icons or text
    • Brands add Option Target
    • real thumbnail sizes: Advantages, Brands, Employee, Launch, Links Image, Showcase, Testimonial
    • Thumbnail sizes
  • Version 0.12
    • Add Block Posts List
    • Add Block Posts Tiles
    • Add Block Contacts List
    • Add Block Contacts Tiles
    • Add Block Contacts Target Bar
    • Add Block Events List
    • Add Block Events Tiles
    • Add Block Events Upcoming List
    • Add Block Events Upcoming Tiles
    • Disable dependency check on install until cosmic campaings plugin is approved
    • Dynamic blocks remove attributes array
  • Version 0.11
    • Add Block Inline Notice
    • Add Block Split List
    • Button style link
    • Advantages add button option
    • Auto activate on install updated
    • Background animation undefined class fixed
  • Version 0.10
    • has background correction
    • style correction
    • bugfix error title & intro color remove
  • Version 0.9
    • Title & Intro Block added
  • Version 0.8 :
    • Multiple enhancements for all blocks
    • Allow multiple accordion per page
    • Airplane renamed to launch
    • Showcase renamed to showcase
    • Brands Grid 2,3,4,5
    • Buttons Grid 2,3,4,5
  • Version 0.7 :
    • Blocks corrections
  • Version 0.6 :
    • Category alphabetical order
    • Buttons correction
    • Showcase start class
  • Version 0.5 :
    • Button style in preview
    • Showcase button updated
    • Accordion button updated
    • Facts button updated
    • Links Image button updated
    • Pricebox button updated
    • Pricelist button updated
    • Statement button updated
  • Version 0.4 :
    • Pricelist finished
    • OnSplit removed
    • Donations Block correction
  • Version 0.3 :
    • Donations Block finished
    • Social Share Bock finished
    • New Block Contacts Target Bar
    • New Block Events Upcoming List
    • New Block Events Upcoming Tiles
  • Version 0.2 :
    • New Block Buttons
  • Version 0.1 :
    • Initial release