Completionist – Asana Integration Suite


Completionist is an integration WordPress plugin for Asana. It helps you establish a complete project management workflow between your Asana workspace and WordPress website.


There are many ways to improve your productivity by using Completionist.

Pin and create Asana tasks directly on WordPress content.

Provide crystal-clear clarity and reduce tiresome context-switching by creating and listing Asana tasks on any type of content within the WordPress editor.

  • Pin existing tasks that were created in Asana
  • Add new Asana tasks from within WordPress
  • Pin to any post type such as products or shop orders

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Track relevant Asana tasks in your WordPress dashboard.

Review progress and access all outstanding Asana tasks associated with WordPress to stay focused on all current content initiatives and website maintenance.

  • Check on productivity with a simple progress overview
  • Prioritize quickly with 4 task category filters
  • Access pinned tasks to get straight to work

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Automatically create Asana tasks from WordPress activity.

Standardize your content management workflow and never miss a beat by automatically creating Asana tasks as changes happen on WordPress.

  • Choose from 6 common WordPress event triggers
  • Specify any custom action or filter hook event trigger for endless possibilities and integrations
  • Control context with custom conditions
  • Compose Asana tasks with dynamic values from WordPress for effortless clarity

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Display Asana projects on your WordPress website.

Share real-time progress on WordPress posts and pages to boost engagement from clients and stakeholders while emphasizing your own brand.

  • Customize project display with 13+ shortcode attributes
  • Keep clients out of your Asana workspace by providing your own branded experience
  • Stop writing tedious emails by providing stakeholders self-serviced, real-time progress updates

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Completionist by Purple Turtle Creative is not associated with Asana. Asana is a trademark and service mark of Asana, Inc., registered in the U.S. and in other countries. Learn more.

All source code is available on GitHub.


  • Pin new or existing Asana tasks to any WordPress content, such as posts and pages or even products and forms.
  • Track all pinned tasks across your WordPress website and quickly access relevant content—a must-have feature for web agencies, especially!
  • Automatically create Asana tasks as you work in WordPress, such as notifying editors that a post is ready for final review.
  • Display Asana projects on your WordPress website to automatically keep everyone in the loop, even those without an Asana account.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is an Asana account required?

Yes, an Asana account is required to use Completionist. You can quickly create an Asana account for FREE!

Are you affiliated with Asana?

No, I do not have a business relationship with Asana. I just happened to be looking for an Asana integration for WordPress and failed to find an affordable, specialized solution. After noticing many others with the same problem, I decided to create Completionist!

Is this WordPress multisite (wpmu) compatible?

Yes! Feel free to activate the plugin at the network level or per blog/subsite. If you decide to uninstall Completionist, all plugin data will be properly removed across your network.

What languages are supported?

The Completionist plugin is written in American English (en-US) and currently doesn’t support translation. However, your Asana projects and tasks will display their original content which may be in another language. All text labels and messages surrounding the Asana data, though, are in American English.


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