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Chicory Recipe Activation


You’ve got the culinary expertise and a recipe library full of deliciousness. Now partner with Chicory to make your content work harder for you! Chicory takes your content and transforms it into an actionable, sales-driving tool that helps your readers make more of your recipes.

We’ve partnered with thousands of food publishers to integrate Chicory technology into millions of recipes, reaching more than 80 million consumers a month. Members of our network range from major publications like Food and Wine to niche cooking blogs.

Engage Your Readers with Recipe Activation

By installing just one line of JavaScript, Chicory makes your entire online recipe catalogue shoppable. When consumers click our “Get Ingredients” button, an online shopping list instantaneously populates with corresponding products from a suite of online grocers. With a few clicks, Chicory users can get all of the ingredients they need to cook a recipe, delivered.

Monetize with Chicory Premium

Chicory Premium in-recipe ad units provide in-stream ingredient and recipe sponsorship at scale. And these campaigns earn our publishers money.

Say you’re writing a post about Spinach Artichoke Dip, which calls for yogurt. If a dairy company runs a campaign targeting yogurt buyers, then an ad unit will dynamically appear within your recipe card, where it calls for “yogurt!” You’ll earn for every impression.


Getting started with Chicory is as easy as:
1. Filling out our Chicory Recipe Partner form.
2. Installing and activating our WordPress plugin.

After signing up to become an official Chicory Recipe Partner, you’ll receive access to a Chicory publisher dashboard. With this dashboard, you’ll be able to see Chicory impressions, earnings, your eCPM and control your ad preferences. You’ll also be able to give us the email address that you use on your PayPal account so we can send you your earnings!

Visit us at to learn more.

Recipe Markup

For our technology to function properly, we require that your recipe content be marked up and formatted according to’s guidelines.

Recipe formatting uses rich HTML markup in order to structure your content in a way that search engines can better designate as “recipe content.” Using tags like or mean that your content can be tagged as a recipe by search engines. Then, your recipes will be displayed in more engaging ways in a variety of contexts, which has been proven to increase conversions to your site. Examples include Google rich snippets and Rich Pins on Pinterest. Plus, this best practice is standard for site health, similar to adding alt tags to your images or “no-follows” to sponsored links.

With this markup, Chicory can also better parse your recipes and match items to products in-store. By tagging something as an with a proper , we can make the most efficient and accurate matches possible.

Since your site is hosted by WordPress, you can download recipe plugins, such as WordPress Recipe Maker. These plugins will handle all of the markup and formatting when you use their platform to create your recipe content.

If you would rather not install a plugin on your site, you can use a tool like RecipeSEO to write your recipe content or you can reference Recipe to mark up recipes on your own in your HTML editor. gives guidelines on how to implement this structure to your site.


Our team is always available to answer all of your Chicory-related questions. Email for support.


  • Chicory "Get Ingredients" Button.

  • Chicory Premium, pairings unit.

  • Chicory Premium, in-line unit.

  • Chicory Premium, pairings unit mobile.

  • Chicory Premium, in-line unit mobile.


Follow these steps to install the plugin in your WordPress website:

  1. Upload chicory-recipe-ingredients folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or Unzip and upload it to your WordPress website’s wp-content/plugins folder via FTP.

  2. Go to admin panel and activate plugin from “Plugins” page.


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