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Cree imágenes, videos, publicaciones, carruseles y control de desplazamiento para productos de WooCommerce amigables para el SEO.

Carousel Slider is a touch enabled WordPress plugin that lets you create highly customizable,
stylish responsive carousel slider. With Carousel Slider, you can create image carousel using media gallery or
custom url, post carousel, video carousel.

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Key Features List

  • Support major website/page builder, including Gutenberg (WordPress core), Elementor, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi Builder
  • Carrusel de múltiples tipos , imágenes de la galería de medios, imágenes desde URLs, videos de youtube y vimeo, publicaciones y deslizador de carrusel de productos WooCommerce
  • Hero slider con imagen de fondo, título, descripción, botones de llamado a la acción y más
  • Posts carousel, support Specific posts, Post Categories, Post Tags, Posts per page, Date range query and ordering
  • Video carousel, support custom height and width (Currently only support video from Youtube and Vimeo)
  • Carrusel de Productos WooCommerce, soporta Categorías de Productos, Etiquetas de Productos, Productos Específicos, Productos Destacados, Productos Recientes, Productos en Oferta, Productos Mejor Vendidos, Productos Mejor Calificados
  • Opciones para ocultar / mostrar el título del producto, calificación, precio, botón del carrito, etiqueta de oferta, botón de lista de deseos, botón de vista rápida y opciones para cambiar el color del título, fondo del botón, texto del botón.
  • Fully responsive, configure the number of items to display for desktop, small desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Lightweight, only loads stuff when carousel is used
  • Navigation and pagination, choose what type of navigation is displayed for your carousel with unlimited colors option
  • Works great in touch devices, Touch and Grab enabled
  • Supported in all major browsers
  • CSS3 3D Acceleration
  • Multiple carousel on same page
  • Lazy load images
  • Support image title, caption, link url
  • and more options

How to Videos

Images Carousel:
Hero Slider:
Posts Carousel:
WooCommerce Products Carousel:


  • Carousel slider admin page
  • Front-end example of posts carousel slider.
  • Front-end example of videos carousel slider.
  • Front-end example of images carousel slider.
  • Ejemplo front-end de productos en carrusel desplazante
  • Ejemplo front-end de productos Quick View
  • Ejemplo front-end de imagen en caja luminosa.


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • Carousel Slider


  • From your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Search for Control deslizante tipo carrusel in Search Plugins box.
  • Find the WordPress Plugin named Control deslizante tipo carrusel by Sayful Islam.
  • Click Install Now to install the Control deslizante tipo carrusel Plugin.
  • The plugin will begin to download and install.
  • Now just click Activate to activate the plugin.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Will Carousel Slider work with my theme?

Carousel Slider works with any WordPress theme if themes are developed according to WordPress standard.

Is Carousel Slider responsive?

Yes, Carousel Slider is fully responsive, mobile and touch-friendly.

Can I add Carousel Slider anywhere on my website?

Yes, you can add carousel inside your blog posts, pages, widgets, and anywhere else on your WordPress website with a shortcode.

Can I have multiple carousels on same post/page?

Yes. You can add multiple carousel on same post/page.

How to use Carousel Slider in Gutenberg Block Editor (WordPress 5.0 or later)

Carousel Slider is first class citizen in Gutenberg Block Editor. Just search ‘carousel slider’. There is
a dedicated ‘carousel slider’ block with live preview for Gutenberg Block Editor.


5 de mayo de 2023
Super recommended for normal sliders and for Woocommerce products
2 de febrero de 2023
I have spent the best part of 2 days searching and searching for the best plug-in to display my WooCommerce products on a new site I am developing. This ticks all the boxes and gives away the most things for a free plug-in. If I can get this site to turn a profit I will definitely invest in the pro version, Thanks Sayful keep on coding you genius.
17 de enero de 2023
Like I said, it's simple, Elegant, and Easy to use. Fulfill my need to fast build slider... You can make Free Slider with Carousel or Slider, URL Target, Lightbox, Pagination, Navigation, etc. But, I request to the author make option Pagination inside slider, it will be nice too..
9 de diciembre de 2022
Stopped being able to delete slides, and after every update the slides move up in number (slide 10 becomes slide 11 for example). No support, no word from the devs even after I submitted a request for support, no communication at all.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

version 2.2.0 – 2022-12-31

  • Feature – Add template to overwrite design from theme.
  • Feature – Add basic dialog to replace “Magnific Popup” library.
  • Feature – Add “Swiper” for replacement of “Owl Carousel 2” for slider library.
  • Dev – Re-design responsive setting functionality.
  • Dev – Add SliderSettingInterface class.
  • Dev – Add MetaBoxConfig class to make metabox configuration shareable.
  • Dev – Add multi checkbox setting field.
  • Fix – Hero carousel delete button not working.
  • Fix – Hero carousel index is not correct.

version 2.1.0 – 2022-05-27

  • Feature – Add new javaScript dialog to create carousel slider with title and slider type.
  • Feature – Update metabox functionality separating create and edit functionality.
  • Feature – Update slider type metabox design.
  • Fix – Video Content is not saving.
  • Fix – Content slider animation is too fast and not considering autoplay speed.
  • Dev – Add typescript support.
  • Dev – Add new meta box fields (Radio, Switch, ButtonGroup, Breakpoint, Html, Switch).
  • Dev – Update metabox hiding slider change on edit mode.
  • Dev – Add REST endpoint to create slider.
  • Dev – Add admin feedback ui for plugin de-activation feedback.
  • Dev – Add admin ui to take user confirmation to send non-sensitive data.
  • Dev – Add sanitize method to sanitize array of integer.
  • Dev – Add ‘image_size’ attribute on SliderSetting class.
  • Dev – Add TemplateParserInterface class.
  • Dev – Fix ReturnTypeWillChange warning on PHP 8.0 onward
  • Dev – Add filter to modify slider css classes.
  • Dev – Add functionality to modify responsive breakpoint.
  • Dev – Group color metabox setting together.
  • Dev – Fix section setting and description is not showing.
  • Dev – Add SliderSetting::lazy_load_image() to get lazy load setting.
  • Dev – Add filter to modify hero and video carousel item html.

version 2.0.10 – 2022-03-26

  • Fix – Fix image carousel image edit button is not working for single image.

version 2.0.9 – 2022-02-27

  • Fix – Fix multi select field is showing as single select.

version 2.0.8 – 2022-01-07

  • Dev – Remove return type declaration from admin footer text.

version 2.0.7 – 2022-01-07

  • Fix – Fix null value issue on admin footer text.

version 2.0.6 – 2022-01-03

  • Add – Add functionality to add css file link dynamically if it is not added yet
  • Add – Add custom module for “Divi Builder”
  • Fix – Showing data update message on admin area.
  • Dev – Add unit testing for helpers classes.
  • Dev – Update code according to WordPress Coding Standards

version 2.0.5 – 2021-11-20

  • Fix – Product carousel button style is not working for ‘read more’ button

version 2.0.4 – 2021-11-20

  • Tweak – Update carousel preview link on edit page

version 2.0.3 – 2021-11-04

  • Fix – Fix error on image carousel structure data if image is deleted.

version 2.0.2 – 2021-11-03

  • Fix – Fix hero carousel height is not working as before.

version 2.0.1 – 2021-11-02

  • Fix – Fix issue with version 1 compatibility template for WooCommerce product loop item
  • Feature – Add random order for images carousel

version 2.0.0 – 2021-10-31

  • Dev – Add CLI(Command Line Interface) to create test sliders.
  • Dev – Update owl setting functionality to data attribute.
  • Dev – Add CSS variable to handle inline style.
  • Dev – Separate sliders code to modules
  • Dev – Add Upgrader class to handle upgrade functionality.
  • Dev – Update gutenberg block script.

See changelog for all versions.