AI Assistant with ChatGPT by AYS


AI Assistant with ChatGPT by AYS

ChatGPT Assistant plugin can assist you to generate high-quality content for your blog, and finding the answer to any questions in seconds. ChatBot for WordPress can be your personal assistant in writing HTML, CSS, or any other programming codes for you right from your WordPress dashboard. Using the best AI chatbot you will be able to connect with the world and find the answers to any questions. With a simple shortcode you will be able to display the chatbot in the front end. Give your website visitors the ability to use the ChatGPT AI Assistant plugin as soon as they will enter your website.


ChatGPT for WordPress is a chat with GPT 3 technology that will allow you to generate human-like content. In this plugin, you can find AI tools such as content generation, translation, SEO and many more.

Just follow the simple steps and speak with an AI assistant for WordPress. You will no longer be alone as your assistant is there for you whenever you need. After activating the plugin, the AI Assistant with ChatGPT window will pop up at the bottom-right corner of your WordPress dashboard. This advanced chatbot can answer your follow-up questions like a human-like conversation.


  • ChatGPT style chatbot
  • Live writing
  • Different Content style
  • Reliable storage
  • Customizable solution
  • Automation
  • Contextual understanding
  • Suits specific needs
  • Intent Recognition
  • Answering All Inquiries
  • Code Understanding


  • User Role Permissions
  • Dark Mode
  • One Click Copy
  • Text to Speech for Response
  • Front end Chat (Demo)


  1. Sign up here or log in if you already have an account in the OpenAI platform. You can use your Google or Microsoft account to sign up if you don`t want to create an account by entering an email/password combination. You may need a valid mobile number to verify your account. (If you have an another account with the mentioned number, then please take into consideration that OpenAI will not provide you Free Trial)
  2. Then, you need to visit your OpenAI key page.
  3. Create a new key by clicking the “+ Create new secret key” button.
  4. Copy the key, go back to your WordPress dashboard, and paste it into the provided box.
  5. Click on the “Connect” button.

Soon we will have a Google Bard integration, which will be the alternative of Google Bard in WordPress.

Don’t forget, in case of any problems, questions or suggestions feel free to contact us via FREE SUPPORT FORUM.


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There are two possible ways to install the Chat GPT plugin either downloading directly from your WordPress dashboard or downloading the zip file from Let’s learn both ways in detail.

  1. How to download the ChatGPT plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

1.1 Go to the Plugins page from the left navbar.
1.2 Click on the Add New button.
1.3 Search for “AI Assistant with ChatGPT by AYS”.
1.4 Find the needed plugin and click on the Install Now button.
1.5 Click on the Activate button.

  1. How to download the zip file from

2.1 Go to AI Assistant with ChatGPT by AYS page.
2.2 Click on the Download button.
2.3 Back to the Plugins page from your WordPress dashboard.
2.4 Click on the Add New button.
2.5 Click on the Upload plugin button.
2.6 Choose the file you downloaded previously.
2.7 Click on the Install Now button.
2.8 Do not forget to Activate the plugin.

Preguntas frecuentes

I received the following error message “Error: Network is not responding, please try again”. What does it mean?

This message is coming from your OpenAI account and does not have any connection with the plugin. If you check coding responses, you will see the following error message “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.” Check out this article.

This means that you reached your maximum monthly limit for the API. Also, make sure that your phone number is only associated with one account. To resolve the issue, please check your OpenAI account usage and make sure that you have enough quota for your needs, or upgrade your plan if necessary.

How to connect your ChatGPT account to the WordPress website?

Connect your WordPress website with your ChatGPT account in 4 simple steps.

  1. Go to OpenAI key page.
  2. Generate an API key by clicking on the + Create new secret key button.
  3. Head to your WordPress dashboard, open our plugin and paste the previously generated secret key.
  4. Click on the Connect button.

Is there any documentation or user guide?

Yes, there is. Check out this ChartGPT user guide to find out detailed explanations of the plugin and the features it offers. Also, feel free to check out the demo version of the plugin to see how it performs.

Can I get support for the Free version?

Sure, we love our community and are always ready to help them. Though the plugin has a user-friendly interface to make our users’ life simpler than possible, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions or issues. Post your questions in this free WordPress support forum and our support specialist will answer your questions within 24 working hours.


15 de marzo de 2023
Hey team, can't help thanking you for this amazing plugin. It's very useful to me in so many things, particularly in getting quick solution to my site related tasks. And hey, thank you so much for your kind response to my feature request. Keep creating amazing stuff.
14 de marzo de 2023
The First ChatGPT Plugin I have seen on WordPress, and the team behind is great. I am impressed with the plugin. I was writing a blog post and when I was stuck on some topics, I asked the plugin to help me out. It answered all my questions and even gave me some cool suggestions. I am really impressed. I am excited to see what else the plugin can do in the future.
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  • Added: Full-screen mode for Chatbot Shortcode


  • Added: Resize Chatbot Box functionality


  • Fixed: Some conflicts with PHP 8.2
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.2.2


  • Added: Auto opening Chatbox option
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.2.1


  • Added: Show Chatbot immediately after connection functionality


  • Added: Chatbot shortcode functionality for front-end


  • Improved: Chatbot user message input style


  • Added: Greeting message option


  • Added: Chatbot Top P option


  • Added: User message text color option
  • Added: Chatbot message text color option
  • Fixed: Save changes button issue on the settings page


  • Added: Message font size option
  • Fixed: Responsiveness issue on the settings page


  • Added: Disconnection functionality
  • Improved: Connection functionality


  • Added: Change Chatbot model functionality
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.2


  • Improved: Chatbot memory functionality


  • Improved: Chatbot response box styles


  • Improved: Chatbot window styles


  • Added: Chatbot background color option


  • Added: Chatbot Temperature option
  • Added: Chatbot Maximum tokens option
  • Added: Chatbot Frequency penalty option
  • Added: Chatbot Presence penalty option
  • Added: Chatbot Best of option
  • Added: Chatbot position option
  • Added: Update/deactivation popup on the plugins page
  • Improved: Chatbot conversation


  • Fixed: Some style issues on the settings page


  • Fixed: Chatbot conversation issue


  • Fixed: Banner responsiveness issue


  • Added: User message colour option


  • Added: Response colour option
  • Changed: CSS styles on admin dashboard


  • Added: Chat dark mode option
  • Changed: CSS styles on chat widget


  • Added: Settings submenu
  • Added: Chat Widget colour option


  • Added: Copy response functionality


  • First release