Auto Hide Admin Bar


Auto Hide Admin Bar makes the WordPress Toolbar disappear – and reappear when hovering the mouse pointer over the top of the browser window.
You end up with a clean view of your site, and keep having access to the WordPress Toolbar.
If you have any comments or questions, please use the support forum.


  1. Upload auto-hide-admin-bar directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. We’re all done, now you have an auto hiding Toolbar.

Preguntas frecuentes

Can this plugin be translated in my own language?

Sure, just go here and translate this plugin in your own language.


14 de noviembre de 2021 1 respuesta
Simply beautiful! I don’t know why this option not include WordPress at this time. I mean, this dynamic hiding option, not only show and hide.
7 de septiembre de 2020 1 respuesta
The admin bar still pops up when you hover your mouse over the top of the screen but disappears when the mouse is moved away.
6 de marzo de 2020 1 respuesta
Creative: wow autohide instead of just hide
29 de marzo de 2019 1 respuesta
As a designer I hate the tool bar maring up my design this keeps all the functionality and helps me maintain my sanity. Thanks for this great plugin.
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Registro de cambios


  • Removed donate link
  • Removed @link lines in function headers


  • Fixed Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability. Props: darius.sveikauskas @


  • Fixed SVN commit gone wrong… Sorry.


  • Added toggle switch in the admin bar to (temporarily) enable/disable auto-hiding of the admin bar without going to the settings page.
  • Fixed links in readme.txt.
  • Added GitHub repository link to readme.txt.


  • Changed behavior of arrow. It now needs to be clicked to show/hide the admin bar, and has been given a little design love.


  • Removed console log lines.


  • Updated donate link.


  • Fixed issue with PHP 7.4.
  • Removed Admin settings, since they were not used.




  • Fixed SSL mixed content issue. Props: @steveec-1, topic.


  • Fixed issue when using Beaver Builder 2.x+.


  • Fixed issue with keyboard shortcut labels. Please save your settings when the shortcut is not working.


  • Fixed issue with keyboard shortcut not working. Key was not picked up correctly.


  • Fixed issue with user roles.


  • Fixed issue because of not checking for availability of variable.


  • Added setting to disable the plugin for any available user role.
  • Added keyboard shortcut setting. Now you can show and hide the Toolbar with a keyboard shortcut! Thanks for the feature request photoMaldives (
  • Added donate link as plugin actions. Want to donate? Go here.
  • Added donate link in plugin settings.
  • Moved version number in plugin settings screen to bottom.


  • Moved inline Javascript code to external file and have it registered and enqueued.
    Thanks iCounsellorUK fro reporting this.


  • Fixed logged in detection, replaced test for class .logged-in to test for #wpadminbar, which is universal and dependent on theme developers.
    Thanks wloske for this suggestion.


  • Added load_textdomain() function.


  • Something went wrong in SVN, fixed it with this new commit.


  • Internationalized the plugin, which was a good reason to increase version to 1.0 🙂


  • Fixed ‘ReferenceError: adminBarIn is not defined’ bug.
  • Updated hoverIntent jQuery plugin to version 1.8.1.


  • Code will not execute when in WordPress customizer view, to prevent top of page cut-off.


  • Changed description.
  • Moved settings page to settings menu.
  • Minor code cleaning/reorganization.
  • Fixed some typo’s in strings.
  • Fixed the hidden div (the one that triggers te re-appearance of the Toolbar) to not be added on window resize. We only need one…


  • Changed loading of scripts to wp_footer.
  • Changed wrapping of jQuery anonymous function to use a document ready function to prevent compatibility issues.


  • Replaced get_current_theme() with wp_get_theme(). Thanks to ElectricFeet via Support Forum;


  • Some CSS changes due to larger Toolbar in WordPress 3.8.
  • Added option for hiding/showing the Toolbar on small screens.
  • Added support for Twenty Fourteen. Need to think of a solid way to support themes with fixed headers/navigation. Tips are welcome.


  • Removed external jQuery library.
  • Added options page.
  • Added options for animation speed, delay and mouse polling interval.


  • Changed background-position to background-position-y, because of IE8 problem (of course…). Thanks to per ( for submitting the bug, and the jQuery bugtracker for the hint:


  • Added style adjustment for body background.


  • Switched wp_enqueue_script sequence for jquery and jquery.hoverintent due to problems.


  • By request, added delay for showing/hiding the Admin Bar. A settings page will be included in the future.


  • Changed position of hidden div to fixed, so the admin bar is showed also when you have scrolled down on your site.


  • Changed jQuery enqueue manner. Now using the wp_print_scripts hook. Thanks to Ralph from for mentioning this bug.


  • Added – Only activate the plugin when a user is logged in.


  • Added – wp_enqueue_script for jQuery.


  • Initial Release.