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The email validator is designed by Antideo to help combat spam coming in through contact forms. Antideo validates email addresses entered through your contact forms in real time to prevent inquiries from fake email addresses. The email validator plugin comes packed with several features that help you –

  • Check the syntax of the email entered, to quickly flag the error to the visitor
  • Check for disposable or temporary emails
  • Prevent inquiries from free ESP’s like Gmail, Yahoo, etc (Can be switched on and off)
  • Prevent inquiries from role-based emails like info@, support@, admin@ etc (Can be switched on and off)
  • Check MX records to identify invalid emails
  • Create and maintain your own local whitelist of domains and emails
  • Create and maintain your own local blacklist of domains and emails

Armed with the capabilities of our plugin you would be able to eliminate a major portion of contact form spam, as spammers seldom use a valid business email address. Our plugin out of the box is compatible with major forms like

  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms
  • Mailster Form
  • WooCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • Ninja Forms
  • Formidable forms
  • JetPack comments and a contact form
  • MailPoet
  • WP-Members
  • Paid Membership Pro
  • Form Maker by 10Web
  • Visual Form Builder
    And pretty much any other form that uses the default WordPress is_email() function. The plugin is very easy to install and activate, no tech knowledge whatsoever is needed to get going with the plugin.

Advantages of our plugin

  • No limits on the number of validations – go crazy, it’s unlimited!!
  • Real time validations done in a fraction of a second
  • Extensive database of 84K+ disposable email domains and constantly being updated with newer ones
  • Clean and super friendly UI that is easy to use
  • A powerful free version and an affordable premium version

We are literally eating our own dog food, implementing the Antideo Email Validation plugin on several websites that we own, which has resulted in spam inquiries going down by over 87%.

You can access more information on the plugin as well as the several aspects of email validation here.

Disclaimer: This plugin is an email validator and not an email verifier


  • Settings page
  • Dashboard
  • About us page
  • FAQ page
  • Free vs Premium page

Preguntas frecuentes

In Disposable Email Detection, what is the difference between the static list and the dynamic list?

The static list consists of a fixed set of disposable email vendors while the dynamic list gets updated with new vendors as a when they are discovered

Why should I subscribe to the premium email validation plugin and not just use the free version?

The free version does provide the essential features needed to prevent fake sign-ups, but the validation is based on a static list of disposable email vendors. New disposable email vendors pop up frequently and the existing vendors come up with new domains too. So with the premium email validation plugin you can ensure your list stays updated and you have better levels of protection

I am not technical, how easy is it to setup the plugin?

The plugin works out of the box with the major forms out there, and you donot need to be tech savvy at all to setup the plugin. Once you install and activate the plugin from the plugin store, you would be presented check boxes to select your preferences. That’s it, you are all set..

Is there any other cost outside of $2/month?

Nope, it’s a $2/month flat fee for email validation without any restriction on the number of queries that can be made. Please do-not confuse this with email verification, our service uses a combination of methods to ascertain the validity of the emails but does-not do the end-point verification if the email exists. A full fledged email verification system is in the works and we expect to release the functionality in the near future

What if my site is not on WordPress but I would still like to use your services?

Apart from the plugin we have a well functioning API service that can be integrated in to any website or a form. Have a look at our Email Validation API at

Do you have access to, or store the email addresses being validated through the plugin?

We have built mechanisms to validate the email addresses within the plugin itself without a need for the email address to be sent out to our database, so in short we never access your prospect’s/customer’s email address. You do however have an option to build your own blacklist within the plugin, which is passed on to us to alert our users of the scammer/spammers. This crowdsourced list would help us provide better security to our users


13 de noviembre de 2020
An easy to use plugin that does exactly what is say's on the tin. One of the biggest complaints I get on my client's websites are spammy contact enquiries and subscription signups. I use a number of techniques to mitigate the problem, but this little plugin has significantly helped reduce the volume!
1 de octubre de 2020
We use a combination of Stop Spammers + Antideo + Sucuri to secure our website and our forms. Antideo gets the work done and is free so it works well for us
12 de septiembre de 2020
Using the plugin for a week now, has cut down spam inquiries from 80 - 90 to 5 - 8 on a daily basis. I love the fact that the plugin is free and still provides unlimited validations (couldn't find anyone else providing this) Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to more features being added.
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