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amateur tv


You can send traffic to in order to increase your benefits.There are different tools available for affiliates and through this plugin you will be able to add content to your WordPress in the easiest way possible, no coding necessary.

Currently, there are the following blocks:

Amateur TV Cams List

By adding a list of cams you can share as many live shows as you wish. Filter by gender, age or language, as well as define the number of cams and the elements you want shown in the cams list.

Amateur TV Live Cam

Add a live cam show with real time video and chat. Choose a specific model or a random one based on gender, age or language with the highest conversion rate.

Third-Party dependency

This plugin depends on services and APIs.
Terms and Conditions

This plugin depends on services and APIs.
Terms and Conditions


Automatic download

Visit the plugin section in your WordPress, search for [amateur tv]; download and install the plugin.

Manual download

Extract the contents of the ZIP and upload the contents to the /wp-content/plugins/amateur-tv/ directory. Once uploaded, it will appear in your plugin list.

Preguntas frecuentes

Where do I get my affiliate code?

Enter and create an affiliate account. Once there, get your Affiliate tracking ID, which you will need to add in order to complete this plugin setup.

Content Management Policy and Procedures

The company is absolutely committed to ensuring that no underage people participate in any broadcasted or published content on our websites. In accordance with this, we have published a clear list of topics, items and vocabulary that cannot be present in the shows, pictures or videos distributed.

Our terms clearly inform the forbidden content. This is also mentioned in the signed agreement with the content creator. Every person who wants to distribute content must be of legal age verified by our expert 24/7 Monitoring Team, after providing a clear selfie picture holding up their ID / Passport among other verification photos we request.

An alert of potential infringement of the authorized content or participants will cause the content to be frozen immediately and not available for public view. The 24/7 Monitoring Team reviews the reported content carefully and, after the necessary checks are completed, may release it again if fully compliant. In the event non-authorised content is confirmed, the data is kept private and the content may be deleted or sent to the authorities.

Also the account owner will be warned and the account may be blocked temporarily or even permanently.

Age and Identity Verification

To validate an account, a user must digitally submit their Passport / National ID with a selfie picture, and extra documents we request in order to determine that they are the person on the document and willingly accepting to broadcast.

The account is validated manually by our Monitoring Team to ensure that the picture is legitimate and has not been altered in any way, the face matches the National ID and that the person meets the legal age requirements.

If the Monitoring Team reaches any doubts of the validity of the identification provided the account is not accepted and, therefore, the user will not be able to publish or broadcast.

Content Monitoring in real-time

Our 24/7 Monitoring Team reviews all broadcasts at random to ensure that prohibited content is not broadcasted. All new broadcasts are closely monitored for a period of time until a positive track record of compliant content is proven.

Our system scans the chat preventing the publication of URLs and filtering forbidden vocabulary.

We provide our users with a “Report abuse” button that sends an alert to the 24/7 Monitoring Team who will review the reported channel immediately. They have the ability to cancel the show should there be any doubt of content compliance. They may even block the account temporarily or permanently.


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