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This is a fork of my similarly named Alligator Popup Plugin. Unlike the original plugin, this one enables you to open the target of a menu item of your WordPress custom menu in a popup window.

Add the ‘mpopup’ class to a menu item in a custom menu to open the target in a popup Window.

Enables you to specify that a menu item on your WordPress custom menu will open in a new popup window. An admin page allows you can control the size of the popup window and whether it has scrollbars.


You will find the Menu Popup Settings Page at Settings => Menu Popup

  • Set the dimensions of the popup window and whether you want the popup window to be scrollable

Then edit your custom menu at Appearance => Menus
* Enable the CSS Classes option in the Screen Options pull-down panel on the menu editor page.

  • Add the mpopup class to any menu item where you want the target page to open in a popup window.

When the menu item is clicked, the link should now open in a popup window.


  • screenshot-01.png


Install the same as any other plugin

Preguntas frecuentes

Where is the admin page?

You’ll find it at settings => Menu Popup

How do I get a link to popup if it is not a menu item?

You can use the Alligator Popup plugin for that

Why doesn’t it work for me?

It works for me, but all sites are different. Post a support request and I’ll try my best to help you get it working

What levels of support are available?

You can receive free support for the plugin if you have problems getting it working. To access this, please open a new topic on the plugin support forum. Don’t forget to post a link to a page on your site where the issue can be seen.

I can provide free support if all communication takes place on the forum as that support becomes a public resource where people can look for an answers if they have a similar issue in future.

If the free support on the forum does not meet your requirements, and perhaps you prefer not to post the url on the public forum and require private communication as you are making a site for a client, you can request support via the premium email support form for cubecolour plugins form.


17 de agosto de 2021
You know when a plugin is easy to find, easy to understand, doesn't mess up your site and is FREE? Yeah - me neither. This is that plugin. Thank you for being a unicorn. This plugin ROCKS!!!!
7 de julio de 2019
Lately when you search for popups it's all lightbox which is in fact not a popup but an overlayer with z-index, which is very misleading. This plugin understands the definition of a popup and makes it true. Thank you!
24 de agosto de 2018
Installed it, set dimensions of window in settings, but then what? Went to menu, nothing extra there. Couldn't see instructions for next step or new features in menu items. Then noticed text above plugin entry (after 10 minutes) that said "Add the 'mpopup' class to a menu item in a custom menu". But menu items have no field for class name. Had to delete and try something else.
11 de marzo de 2018
I’m using this plugin on my site and it works perfectly fine. However, I’m writing this review to share a very pleasant experience regarding a custom solution. I wanted to open the Read More links on my site in a popup. I tried a well-known plugin with its premium extensions; went through a nightmare of support tickets and correspondence for more than ten days but it didn’t work. Since I was already using the Alligator Menu Popup plugin therefore I decided to approach its author. It wasn’t hard to find and contact Michael Atkins. After a very brief communication Michael delivered an excellent solution very efficiently and for a price that was better than fair. I’m sharing my experience with a view to save the readers of my review from the nightmare that I went through. [ Redacted, do not post the author's contact URL in reviews. Or any links. ] Khalid Mian
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  • Tooltips added to links in the plugins table
  • Used new heart icon in dashicons WP 3.9
  • added ‘resizable=yes’ for IE to enable maximise button on popped up window


  • Initial Version