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All Icon Block


This plugin provides an easy way to add a custom SVG icon or graphic to the Block Editor (Gutenberg). It also includes the complete WordPress icon library with over 270 SVG icons to choose from!

Key Features

  • 270+ native WordPress icons, including social logos
  • Use any custom SVG icon or graphic
  • Includes some handy icon controls (link, rotate, alignment, colors, border, padding, margin, etc.)
  • No block library required 🎉
  • Built almost entirely with native WordPress components
  • Will get additional functionality as it’s added to WordPress core
  • Register your own custom icon library. Learn more

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Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • The Icon Block Insert an SVG icon or graphic.


  1. You have a couple options:
    • Go to Plugins → Add New and search for “All Icon Block”. Once found, click “Install”.
    • Download the Icon Block from and make sure the folder us zipped. Then upload via Plugins → Add New → Upload.
    • Open the block inserter within the Block Editor (Gutenberg) and search for “icon”. The plugin should appear and allow you to it install directly. Skip steps 2 and 3.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Search for the block within the Block Editor (Gutenberg) and begin using.

Preguntas frecuentes

Where can I get more icons?

Currently, the Icon Block only includes the WordPress icon library. That said, the plugin allows you to render any SVG-based icon by simply copy/pasting the code into the icon textarea when using the “Add custom icon” option! See the screenshots for reference. This gives you complete flexibility and allows you to use practically any icon you want. A great source for free SVG icons is Google’s Material Icons project, Font Awesome, and Iconic, just to name a few.

The Icon Block also allows you to register your own custom block library. This needs to be done externally in your theme, or via a plugin, but provides complete flexibility over the icons available in the plugin. Learn more.

Why is my icon not changing color?

The Icon Block includes controls for the icon’s color and background. However, if your SVG icon has hard coded color/fill values, the plugin will respect those instead of any applied custom colors.

Why is the block not working for certain users?

WordPress only allows Administrators and Editors to save “Unfiltered HTML” content, which includes SVGs. The Icon Block will not work properly for users who are at the Author level or lower.

Note that WordPress multisite installations have additional restrictions. “Unfiltered HTML” is restricted to Super Admins on multisite. To enable “Unfiltered HTML” content for site Administrators and Editors, you will need to use a code snippet, the Unfiltered MU plugin, or something similar. Regrettably, this is a WordPress restriction and needs to be handled outside of the Icon Block.


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