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AdRoll for WooCommerce Stores


What is AdRoll?

AdRoll is a marketing and advertising platform where any brand can easily launch and manage display, social media, and email campaigns. We work with over 22,000 companies to attract new customers, engage existing customers, and grow revenue.

Key Features of the AdRoll Platform

1. Display Ads

Get in front of your ideal prospects and customers with cost-effective display, video and native ads across millions of brand-safe websites and mobile apps.

Retargeting Ads
97% of customers don’t make a purchase on the first visit to your website. AdRoll retargeting brings those shoppers back and gets them buying. Choose from dozens of dynamic ad templates to create retargeting ads that show shoppers the products that captured their attention.

Brand Awareness (or Prospecting) Ads
Find and engage new customers with three different types of targeting:

  • Lookalike Targeting: People who visit the same websites, have similar shopping habits, and live in the same areas as your existing customers.
  • Demographic & Interest Targeting: People who have the same characteristics (education, income, interests, etc.) as your ideal customer.
  • Contextual Targeting: People who read content that your ideal customers would view.

2. Ad Integrations

AdRoll’s automation builder is the only tool that lets you create consistent, personalized, and automated campaigns across web ads, social ads, and email — all from one place. Manage and make edits to your Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest campaigns — such as swapping out creative or shifting budget to higher-performing campaigns — directly in AdRoll. Plus, easily analyze performance across all channels and download consolidated reports.

3. Email Marketing

Want 2x ad performance? Add (unlimited!) email to the mix. Use our drag-and-drop email builder to set up automated email campaigns  that seamlessly retarget shoppers across the web, social, and the inbox to drive more revenue.

4. Marketing Automations

Tackle common challenges like cart abandonment and generating customer loyalty with marketing recipes. These ready-to-use automation templates include the optimal combination of display ads, social ads, and emails, triggered at exactly the right time. If you can identify the business problem, we can provide the solution — step-by-step instructions included.

5. Reporting and Analytics

AdRoll makes it easy to know what’s working and what’s not. Our Cross-Channel Performance Dashboard provides a consolidated view of how your entire marketing mix — ads, social, paid search, and email — is working together. Choose your attribution model, quickly view insights, and understand your visitors’ paths to conversion to guide smarter budget decisions.

Benefits of the AdRoll for WooCommerce Plugin

Automatically tag your site

Collect valuable shopper behavior data with the AdRoll pixel, automatically placed on all pages of your website.

Access high-performing dynamic ads and emails

Run dynamic ads and/or emails using your store’s product feed, generated by the plugin.

Create key audiences

Build high-intent audience lists based on shopper attributes and behaviors, then target them in ad and email campaigns.

Enable conversion and ROAS tracking

Track the number of sales and amount of revenue driven by your AdRoll campaigns.


Marketing & Ads Plus

Starts at $36/month — first 30 days are free! — plus the cost of advertising campaigns (determined by you). This package also includes up to 50% back in ad credits.

The Marketing & Ads Plus package gives you access to the most powerful version of our platform. It includes:
* Retargeting and brand awareness display, native, and video ads
* Ad integrations with Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest
* Unlimited email marketing sends
* Advanced audience segmentation
* Marketing automation recipes
* Our suite of analytics and optimization tools

This package is ideal for:
* Novice marketers and business owners wearing a marketing hat. With access to our marketing automation recipes, you identify your business challenge and we guide you through the templated solution with a mix of display ads, social ads, and email — no marketing or advertising experience required!
* Busy marketers with no time to spare. This package allows you to run your display ads, social ads, and email campaigns — all from one platform.
* Email-heavy marketers and brands. While other marketing platforms charge based on the number of contacts or emails sent, the Marketing & Ads Plus package includes unlimited emails. This can amount to monumental savings for email-centric businesses.


No monthly fee, pay only for the cost of advertising (determined by you).

The Ads package includes:
* Retargeting and brand awareness display, native, and video ads
* Select audience segmentation tools
* Select analytics and optimization tools

This package is ideal for:
* Those who only want retargeting and brand awareness display ad capabilities
* Young brands looking to “toe the waters” of digital advertising and test what it does for their business before committing to a more comprehensive package.

Get more information on packages and pricing here.

Preguntas frecuentes

How do I get started?

  1. Log into your WordPress account
  2. Navigate to the “Plugin” page
  3. Search for “AdRoll” in the “Search plugins…” box on the right-hand side
  4. Click the “Install Now” button next to the AdRoll result
  5. Once installed, click the “Activate” button
  6. If you already have an AdRoll account, select “Click here to continue your setup”. If you do not have an AdRoll account, select “…you can create one for free here”

What is the AdRoll pixel?

The AdRoll Pixel is a JavaScript code snippet placed in the header of your site that tracks everything your visitors are doing on your site.

What are dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads enable customers to easily re-engage site visitors with beautiful, personalized ads across devices and channels. Based on site visitor’s browsing activity on your site, dynamic ads can feature previously-viewed, recommended, and top products.

What is retargeting and how does it work?

Retargeting enables you to deliver personalized content to users who have previously visited their sites. This includes content that relates to sites they’ve visited and products they’ve viewed.

Retargeting works by utilizing “cookies”, a small piece of data stored by the web browser that remembers users who visited your advertisement or webpage. You can then utilize this cookie data to serve ads to your customers again. By showing relevant, targeted ads to your customers that have shown an interest in your brand, you increase brand awareness and often total conversions.


8 de noviembre de 2023
It just doesnt connect. worked with adrolll support team for about 45 minutes. had me try incognito browser, a different browser. Nothing worked. Had big hopes for this – especially after they annouced a big partnership with woocommerce. Guessing it has something to do with the plugin no longer being updated. Dont waste your time….
26 de mayo de 2023
Been using the plugin for 6 months now and we have seen great results with our remarketing. Easy to add and set up, plus the team have been helpful in creating ads for us to use from the off
23 de octubre de 2020
I always come back to this plugin in the hope that it’s been fixed and it never is. Clicking the link in the settings page kicks you into a large redirect chain before ultimately saying complete, and dumping you into the Adroll Dashboard, never to return to your wordpress installation / or complete the setup on that end. Going back to wordpress to try again results in the same. I’ve Tried: – Being logged in and out of Adroll – Clearing my browser cache – Using incognito Nothing works. Dont waste your time with this, just integrate manually.
17 de septiembre de 2020
The plugin by itself does not work out of the box but the support were really helpful and with their help I manage to make it work.
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Registro de cambios

* updated plugin listing
* fix activation
* minor performance fixes and improvements
* 2.2.22 version issues fixed
* minor performance fixes and improvements
* added checkout events tracking to the plugin
* implemented custom checkout webhook
* 2.2.19 version issues fixed
* Tested with wordpress 6.1.1
* Fixed email address capture for non logged in orders
* 2.2.16 version issues fixed
* 2.2.15 version issues fixed
* array_key_exists replaced with isset method
* Fix warning message for WordPress 5.5
* Security update
* Adds support for WordPress 5.8
* Fixed conversion revenue tracking issues
* Adds support for WordPress 5.7.2 and Woocommerce 5.3.0
* Adds support for WordPress 5.6.0 and Woocommerce 4.8.0
* Improved onboarding experience
* fixed a bug in search tracking
* Adds support for WordPress 5.5.1 and Woocommerce 4.5.2
* General improvements
* Security update
* Added extra pixel customization hooks
* Fixed checkout value tracking issues
* Fixed incompatibility with some CDN plugins
* Added support for WP 5.3.2
* Fixed some optimizers removing the script
* Added support for WP 5.2
* Improved installation flow by using generic return url
* Added admin notice when plugin setup is incomplete
* Added plugin activation/deactivation callbacks
* Overhauled installation flow
* Implemented updated version of AdRoll tracking pixel for improved performance
* Added tracking for products viewed
* Added tracking for product search
* Added tracking for products added to cart
* Added time limit to conversion tracking to prevent duplicates
* Standardized and improved the level of detail of tracked data
* Added version requirements for WordPress/PHP in readme
* Add support for WooCommerce 2.x
* Get rid of PHP Notices when debug mode is enabled
* Replace redirects with admin notices
* Use array() instead of shorthand, which only works with certain versions of PHP
* Stop checking adroll servers for eids after ten attempts per day and ten days total
* Hide options settings page
* Add teardown of db values when deactivated
* Add dynamic ads pixel code outside of plugin
* Introduce support for product collection