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Admin Chat Box is intended to allow users to communicate and exchange information in real time. The chat system is secure and trustworthy because it uses Firebase for authentication and storage. Users can easily chat and exchange messages, including photographs, with a user-friendly interface.
The system works with a variety of platforms, including online and mobile devices, and delivers push notifications to notify users of new messages.

The chat system’s real-time communication functionality boosts productivity and improves user collaboration. The chat system is only accessible to authorized users thanks to the secure authentication system.
Firebase stores all chat messages and photos for simple access and retrieval.

It is built to handle enormous amounts of data and users in the future, allowing for future development and extension. Users are encouraged to stay involved and active in the chat system by using the push notifications function. The user-friendly interface, cross-platform compatibility, and expanded collaboration capabilities of the chat system create a better user experience.
This chat system is a perfect alternative for real-time conversation and information exchange, whether for personal or professional use.


  1. Easy access to information-The chat system makes it easy for users to access their messages and images at any time..
  2. Improved collaboration-The chat system enables real-time collaboration between users, improving the flow of communication and information exchange..
  3. Increased productivity –The real-time communication and user-friendly interface allow users to collaborate and exchange information more efficiently..
  4. Secure authentication –Firebase’s secure authentication system ensures that only authorized users can access the chat system.
  5. Data reliability-Storing messages and images on Firebase provides reliable data storage and retrieval.
  6. Enhanced user experience-The user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility of the chat system provide a better user experience.
  7. Increased engagement-The push notifications feature encourages users to stay engaged and active in the chat system.
  8. Future growth-The scalable design of the chat system allows for future growth and expansion of users and data..

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How to Use

After activating the plugin navigate to your Admin Dashboard > Admin-Chat-Box > Setting page and from there activate the chat box Along with other customization features.


  • Advance Chat Box Banner
  • chat Logo/Icon
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  1. Upload files to the /wp-content/plugins/admin-chat-box directory
  2. Integrate Firebase and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


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2.0.6 – 24 AUG 2023

  • Improvement: Checked compatibility with WordPress 6.3

2.0.5 – 31 MAR 2023

  • Maintenance update

2.0.4 – 31 MAR 2023

  • Improvement: Checked compatibility with WordPress 6.2

2.0.3 – 11 FEB 2023

  • Improvement: Update tag
  • Improvement: Update screenshot
  • Improvement: Update readme.txt

2.0.2 – 10 FEB 2023

  • Improvement: Update tag
  • Improvement: Update readme.txt

2.0.1 – 10 FEB 2023

  • Improvement: Add tag

2.0.0 – 01 FEB 2023

  • New: Added Firebase Integration
  • Improvement: New Admin UI


  • Inital commit of plugin