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Add From Server


** NO ofrecemos soporte para este plugin, sin embargo el plugin aún funciona. Por favor, no esperes que respondamos las solicitudes de soporte, o las reseñas que nos digan que “esto no funciona”. **

Please Note: This plugin is not designed to replace the media uploader. This plugin is not designed to be used for migration of sites. This plugin is not designed to re-import your media upload history. This plugin is not designed to Batch import your media. Etc. This plugin is 8 years old and designed for importing singular large files which could not be uploaded through the administration interface.

The heart of a CMS is the ability to upload and insert content, WordPress does a fantastic job at this, unfortunately, some web hosts have limited servers, or users simply do not have the ability to upload large files through their web browser.
Add From Server is designed to help ease this pain, You can upload a bunch of files via FTP (Or your favourite transmission method) and simply import those files from the webserver directly into WordPress.


  • El administrador de importaciones te permite seleccionar que archivos vas a importar. Nota que los archivos que no pueden ser importados aparecen en color rojo.
  • El panel de opciones te permite especificar que usuarios pueden acceder a Add From Server, y desde que carpetas pueden estos usuarios importar archivos.

Preguntas frecuentes

What placeholders can I use in the Root path option?

Puedes usar solamente %role% y %username%.
En el caso de %role%, el primer rol que el usuario tiene es utilizado, esto puede significar que en el caso de instalaciones complejas, donde un usuario tiene muchos roles, entonces utilizar %role% puede resultar poco confiable.

¿Por qué el archivo que quiero importar tiene un fondo rojo?

WordPress only allows the importing/uploading of certain file types to improve your security.
If you wish to add extra file types, you can use a plugin such as: You can also enable “Unfiltered uploads” globally for WordPress if you’d like to override this security function. Please see the WordPress support forum for details.

¿Dónde se guardan los archivos?

If you import a file which is outside your standard upload directory (usually wp-content/uploads/) then it will be copied to your current upload directory setting as normal.
If you however import a file which is already within the uploads directory (for example, wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ then the file will not be copied, and will be used as-is.

Tengo un error que reportar

Puedes reportar errores en el Foro de soporte del plugin


9 de agosto de 2020
Used Ftp to upload files that were breaking in WP Upload engine. This Plugin saved the day
15 de julio de 2020
I used WP Original Media Path to move images to a different location. I could no longer see migrated images in meedia folder. Add From Server plugin saved the day. Yeaaay.
1 de julio de 2020
I imported close to 4000 PDFs to the media library from our FreeBSD server and it worked like a charm with WP 5.4.2! For me the import limit seemed to be ca 300 PDFs at a time. It was part of a new PDF fulltext search solution with SearchWP since swish-e suddenly wasn't available anymore. Saved me most likely a days of work not to mention keeping my sanity not having to use the media uploader for all those files!
22 de mayo de 2020
It did not work properly until I cleaned all traces of the old images from the database using PhpMyAdmin. Edit: nope, does not work, see below.
8 de mayo de 2020
I messed up with WordPress that puts media files in uploads folder without categorizing them. This plugin helped a lot. Now I can import file in library from desired folder. Thanks a lot to the developers!
15 de abril de 2020
I was stuck on the migration of images to a new website and moreover copying the files were not listing over the Media Library as its a new installation. This plugin works like charm and in some clicks, everything is done. Thanks a lot to the developer(s). Great work. If you can update the plugin with the latest version support that will be easily accessible for other users over the plugin search. Good luck and thanks again!!
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  • Fixes some scenario’s where the translation warning sticks around for translated (and other english locales)
  • Se corrige una advertencia de PHP
  • Soporta la localización por usuario.
  • Se aumenta la versión requerida de WordPress a 4.5+


  • Security Fix: Fixes a CSRF vulnerability which could be used to trick a user into importing a large file to their site. Props to Edwin Molenaar (
  • Fix a typo that caused subsequent plugin activations to fail if the server doesn’t meet the Add From Server requirements
  • Fix a path mismatch on certain windows configurations (No longer need to specify uppercase disk markers)
  • Importa metadatos de audio y almacena metadatos de imagen/audio de la misma manera en que lo hace el núcleo.


  • Se corrigió activación del plugin.


  • Este plugin ahora requiere WordPress 4.0 y PHP 5.4 como requisitos mínimos.
  • Actualizado para usar el sistema de traducción de, por favor, envía las traducciones a través de
  • Actualizado a los estilos de WordPress 4.3